Village Walk

The Buffer Zone of Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve is rich in cultural diversity. Because there are ethnic communities residing in the Buffer Zone.  The ethnic people are more friendly and easy-man. They are always cheerful and enjoy with jug, that is why mostly victims by others. The Tharu, Urau, Jhangar, Sardar, Godhi are the major ethnic communities. Generally, they provide cultural show in visitors’ request. The tharu’s cultural shows are Sama Chakewa, Dhumra dance, Chorkhelia dance, Jatajatin dance, Soraitha dance, Sama Chakhewa dance, Birhain dance, Chanchar dance. Likewise, The Urau cultural dance is Jhangad dance. Ethnic communities are highly dependent on wetland resources like fish, snail, crab, turtle, typha and trapa species.

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