Skull of Ganesh Elephant

Formerly, it was Private Elephant. Its name was Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva according to Hindu Mythology. The Ganesh was released after passed away all members of its owner. Then, it became semi-wild elephant and the rest lifetime spent for survival in the Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve. Captive female elephants in Hattisar, Elephant house of Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve got chances to bring forth offspring by mating with Ganesh.

A lot of stories heard from the local people about amazing behavior of Ganesh. Based on the unofficial record, once, Sunsari district court had filed the case charging the Ganesh for feeding on Private Plantain. The Ganesh went to the court for the hearing. After hearing from the both clients i.e. the Ganesh and the Plantain owner, the judge ultimately decided to give justice on the behalf of Ganesh, giving the reason that the Plantain was carried from the Jungle.

Poacher injured the Ganesh outside the reserve. Reserve’s authority unfortunately unable to obtain timely information, as a result, the GANESH died at Bayerban Magar Tole, Morang district in 1989 A.D.

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