Rock Python

Rock Python, Python molurus is a large nonvenomous snake. It lives in a wide range of habitats, including grasslands, swamps, marshes, rocky foothills, woodlands, open forest, and river valleys. It needs a permanent source of water. It hides in abandoned mammal burrows, hollow trees, and dense water reeds. Pythons are excellent swimmers. They can be wholly submerged in water for many minutes if necessary, but usually prefer to remain near the bank. Like all snakes, Pythons are strict carnivores and feed on mammals, birds, and reptiles indiscriminately, but seem to prefer mammals. They are oviparous, up to 100 eggs are laid by a female, which she protects and incubates.

The population of Rock python in the reserve is good. That is why it frequently exits to human settlements and local people phoned reserve’s personnel for its rescue operation.

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