Places to Visit

At the head-office of Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve, West Kushaha, Sunsari district, there is an Information Center, which can provide general information about reserve’s biological diversity. The next visiting place is Hattisar, elephant house, at Reserve’s headquarter. One can entertain an “Elephant Safari” by paying fee. The other activities available on paying based are Jeep Safari, Jungle walk, Village walk, Boating, Fishing and Bird watching. The KTWR itself is a place of visiting as it is listed under Ramsar Site. There are Arna View Point, Gohi View Point, and Koshi River View Point in the core area of the Reserve that can serve touristic attractions. There are View Towers in the View Points and those points can be used as a Wildlife Watching Tower and as a Wildlife Safeguarding Platform. There are certain historical as well as religious places to see viz. Koshi Barrage, Kangkalini Mai Temple, Chandra Canal, Raja Bas, Ramdhuni, Chatara Dham, Barah Kshetra etc., lie beside Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve. There is motor-boat facility from Barah Kshetra to Upper Koshi Bridge. From Upper Koshi Bridge one can also get enjoy by boating up-to Koshi Barrage.

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