Message from Chief Warden

Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve was announced in 1976 with the prime mission to conserve Wild water buffalo, Bubalus arnee. During its establishment population of Arnee was just around 63 individuals. Now it has been reached around 500 individuals. Twelve i.e. 10 females and 2 males individuals were translocated to Chitwan National Park in 2018.

The flora and fauna found inside the reserve and buffer zone is legally conserved and nobody is allowed to use these resources in any forms. Likewise, without prior written permission from the reserve authority, nobody can enter in the reserve. The reserve authority is conducting conservation programs and community development activities in the  buffer zone directly coordination with local people.

As we know conservation is non-stop and uphill task therefore, collaborative and cooperative efforts are expected from all concerned stakeholders. I would like to request everybody to join hand in hand for better land. Since we are civilized citizens, our obligation should be obligatory towards handing over these natural assets to our future generations as in good conditions as we had gifted from our ancestors. Thanking you!



Chief Warden

Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve Office

West Kushaha, Sunsari, Nepal

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