Wild Male Elephant








Makuna, tuskless male wild elephant, Elephas maximus found in Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve. It became residential. Due to small reserve’s area the Makuna generally enters in human settlements and agriculture lands. The reserve authority has fitted Radio Collar to monitor its daily movements. In 23 February 2019, the Makuna crossed the Nepal-India boarder and entered Indian settlements, nearly 40 km south to its residential reserve’s area. During that period, the Makuna killed five people. Then, India Government with tranquilize team took the Makuna to Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve safely. On the top of the left rear foot, a small swelling portion was seen. The swelling may be caused by gun shot or local weapons. An expert team from Chitwan National Park was called and tranquilized to find the causes of swelling. Luckily, nothing bad is found and finally the Makuna was rescued in the reserve’s forest.

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