Information Center

Initially, Information Center of the reserve was very primitive.  On the special attention of honorable Minister Mr. Jagadish Kushiyait, with financial assistance of Industry, Tourism, Forests and Environment Ministry, Province-1, Biratnagar, Information Center was further upgraded in 2019.

At present, Information Center at the reserve’s head office, West Kuhsha, Sunsari is well managed. Endangered Wildlife trophies are arranged in the Information Center. Skull of Ganesh Hatti, baby of wild elephant, baby of Wild water buffalo, mother and baby of Ganges River Dolphin, adult golden monitor lizard are arranged in the Information Center. Similarly, Skin of common leopard, rock python and marsh mugger are also arranged. Horns of Wild water buffalo are hanged in the walls of Information Center. Different kinds of fishes are sampled here. Resource map of this reserve is also displayed. Visitors can get general information about reserve’s biological diversity by observing this Center.

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