Elephant Safari

At the reserve’s head office, West Kushaha, Sunsari, there is a Hattisar, elephant house established in 1978. Altogether 10 adults and 4 cubs are in Hattisar. Out of these 10 adults, 2 are males. Similarly, out of 4 cubs, 2 are males. Fortunately, here is a residential wild elephant called “Makuna”, tuskless male, in the reserve. These cubs are of that Makuna. The reserve’s is getting many assets as the elephant cubs without paying any extra cost.

Visitors can entertain an “Elephant Safari” by paying fee. Elephant riding fee has been categorized into two age groups and visitors from three specific origins. Nepali adult and child citizens have to pay NRs. 500 and 250 per person per hour.  The SAARC adult and child citizens have to pay NRs. 1500 and 750 per person per hour. The adult and child foreigner citizens have to pay NRs. 2500 and 1250 per person per hour respectively.

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