Common Leopard

Most salient feature of Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve is nonexistence of large carnivores like common leopard, Panthera pardus and Royal Bengal tiger, Panthera tigris. However, the common leopard entered Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve twice from surrounding division forest area in 2019.   

First time, a male common leopard entered in Badgama village of Saptari district and injured 5 people in a single incident. The reserve personnel captured the wounded leopard and kept into Wildlife Rescue Center situated at West Kushaha, Sunsari. After three months treatment, healthy leopard was released in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Second time, the next one male common leopard entered in Prakashpur village, Sunsari and injured two people and one goat. Reserve officials got timely information and took prompt action to capture that leopard. The captured leopard was kept in Wildlife Rescue Center at the reserve’s head office, West Kushaha, Sunsari. Finally, second time captured leopard was released in Parsa National Park, Bara district, Nepal.

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