Wild Water Buffalo

The Wild Water Buffalo, Bubalus arnee is endemic population found naturally in Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve. In 1976, its population was around 63 individuals. In the same year Koshitappu was announced as Wildlife Reserve. Since then the trend of Arnee population is increasing each year. Now its total population is around 500 individuals.

Twelve Arnee i.e. male and female were translocated to Chitwan National Park. Objective of translocation is to conserve gene pool and to control inbreeding. An additional population of Arnee is also increasing there.  

The Bubalus arnee has been listed as Endangered in the IUCN Red List since 1986. It is included in CITES Appendix III, and is legally protected in Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Thailand.  

More chances of inbreeding due to small localized population, habitat destruction due to flooding, habitat alternation due to unwanted woody plant growth, death due to road accident, uncontrolled grazing due to feral cattle are some emerging issues threatening to Arnee‘s sustainable conservation.

The KTWR is initializing three different kinds of activities to manage these issues. Firstly, under habitat improvement activity, KTWR has been organizing grassland management. Secondly, under extension activity, conservation related information is broadcasting through local FMs. Thirdly, under promotional activity, maintenance of wetlands, grasslands are conducted.

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